Blog Love

This page is for shameless human trafficking. Don't be alarmed,
I'm not selling your children into slavery -
 I just need to tell you about some blogs
you should be reading and the people who write them.

The Bloggess
I would tell you about her but who am I kidding?
She's the famous one. You already know about her.

Meet my friend AJ.
His blog is about whatever nonsense
runs through his altered mind.
His take on life is fresh and funny, and he's also
the first black man to like me for my blog instead of my butt.

Meet my Grandpa Don.
He denies he's my grandfather,
but I wouldn't take no for an answer,
and I adopted him totally against his will.
Go read his blog, but put on a pair of Depends first.
You're gonna need em.

Dana is like Martha Stewart.
Only cuter.
And on a budget.
And without the ankle monitor.

Heather is my fashionista friend.
I live vicariously through her wardrobe (and body).
She tells us all about what's new and cute to wear,
and I eat it up like candy.
And then wear my sweatpants anyhow.

TJ is an adorable watercolor artist who has no business
being as talented AND cute AND sweet as she is.
Sometimes, God's just mean and
doesn't spread things around very evenly.

Carly is like Steve Irwin, but alive.
And not annoying.
And smoking hot.
I would hate her, except that...
I love her.

Jill is a real writer who writes about
 critical topics such as anal bleaching.
And...people pay her.
To write. Not to bleach.
I think.

Visit them, follow them, forward their links.
Tell em you heard it here first!
That way when they are rich and famous I can hit them up for royalties.
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