Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hearts Hurt

This is my friend’s son, Josh, and he’s a horribly oppressed teenager who is abused and neglected. His evil parents burden him with crushing expectations such as attending school and coming home at night. They must’ve learned these cruel rules from my parents.

Josh is nowhere to be found.

I hesitate to use the word missing, because of the scenarios it brings to mind, but he hasn’t come home in three days.

The part of me that can vividly recall being a terribly persecuted teen knows deep down in my heart that he’s OK and probably holed up somewhere with a bong and a pack of Marlboros.

But the grown-uppity part of me who can see my friend’s heart being torn out through her throat is fearful of that small chance that something happened.

I want to find Josh and I want to slap him across his thoughtless little 15-year-old face. More than anything, I want his mama to know that he’s safe.

And...I get it. For the first time, I can really understand what I used to put my own parents through. The sleepless nights, the judgmental looks from neighbors, the worry and the fear. The helplessness.

So, for what it’s worth, I’m going to offer my parents the opportunity to slap my thoughtless 34-year-old face. Twenty years late is better than never, right?

In all seriousness, though, for those of you who live in the Minneapolis area, please keep an eye out for Josh. For those of you out of state, prayers never hurt.

And if there are any teenagers out there who read my blog, then for fuck’s sake give your parents a hug. You are their hearts.


  1. I went through similar with my kids. Your friend should talk to the police, and talk to the boy's circle of friends for some clues.

  2. Three days is a long time. I'd definitely do as Mike Caines suggests above.

  3. Amen! Josh... Go home! Not only are your parents worried! I am too.... Love you!

  4. I never had the balls to take off on my parents as a teen. I was afraid of them to be honest. But I sure will keep my thoughts and prayers active while you search for Josh.


  5. god i put my mom through hell. ugh.

    teens are horrible beings when they do this to their parents ... they can't understand until they're older.

  6. Excellent post as always, doll! I'm in southern MO, but I have plenty of prayers to go around to who or whatever might listen to them. I'll make sure to make mine extra loud. Keep us posted!!!!

  7. Really, really, really hope this turns out okay. There's enough heartache already.

  8. i don't run away because i thought that the sooner i'd get out of my parent's hair in a nice way is if i finish my school, get a job and then move out. i hope he is safe

  9. K, I just hugged my parents. Now if u knew the real story u probably wouldn't be so quick to talk shit about josh when u dont even know him. He took off cuz his parents told him they were sending him away for 15 months cuz he went to a party where there was drinking, even tho HE wasn't drinking! He's straight! So ur weed comment was bullshit! He got sick of his parents always threatening to send him away so he went away like they wanted! Plus if they really wanted him home, they woulda found him by now and not have people sittin posting shit on FB & sending messages to friends accusing them of shit instead of trying to find out where he is. They're just doing what they always do and making Josh out to be this bad-ass f'd up kid so THEY can be the victims & excuse there bad parenting. Has his mom said even ONCE that she loves him, misses him or is afraid for him? duh!

    From someone who knows the real story. Sorry u had to get involved in there bs, cuz thats what they are full of. thanks

  10. Aw, kiddo - and I suspect you're a teenager by the immaturity of your feedback - I'll concede a point. I shouldn't have said he's holed up with a bong - that's just the type of thing kids do when they're hiding out from their folks. But I'll give you that one, he may very well be doing NOTHING illegal...except for the fact that he's a MISSING MINOR.

    I've known Josh since he was a toddler, and of course there are two sides to every story - but's he's the kid and they are the adults. Josh is a GOOD kid who has made some poor choices these past couple of years - but he is loved and everyone just wants to know he's safe.

    I'm glad to hear you hugged your folks, though, after reading this - the only thing harder than being a teenager is being an adult.

    If you hear from your buddy, the right thing to do is to let his family know where he is.

  11. If I see him can I give him a kick in the ass before calling his parents?

  12. I am praying for him. May God bring him home safe and soon. I ran away from home at 15, I hid in my girlfriend's closet for three days. I came out when her parents went to work. I hope he is doing something like this.

  13. Hey Tricia from what anonymous said that he (she?) knows him and that he's OK just hiding out. I hope he's OK and that he comes home soon. My little boy is 8 and I ADORE him and he me, right now, but I know one day that will change, for him, not for me. I'll always adore him no matter what. Kids don't always see that their parents love them so much that sometimes they have to be tough so their kids get through adolescence in one piece.

    It's already June so I hope you have an update by now! I'm behind on my blog reading as you can see.

  14. Did he come home??? I just called my parents and apologized (again) for the hell I put them through. And don't listen to anonymous, you were totally right in everything you said, Josh scared the crap out of his parents and I hope that when he got home he read this post.


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