Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fuck the Children

So, I recently learned that one of the initiatives funded through the Salvation Army's red kettle holiday fundraising drive is purchasing Christmas gifts for children of those who are incarcerated.

I have issues with this.

Are our nation's future felons really a worthy charitable cause? Must we make their holidays merry?

These are the fuckers who will be robbing and stabbing us in fifteen years. Should we really chip in for the Christmas video game that teaches them offensive tactics?

And before you get all up in my shit about how they are children and they shouldn't be punished for their parents' transgressions, let's think about this for a moment.

Half of these baby mamas probably don't know for sure which daddy goes with which bastard - so you could just be buying shit for the kid with the garden variety deadbeat dad.

Felons are already getting room, board and three squares on our dime, so mightn't they just use their wages from the prison laundromat to buy their offspring, say, a book? That way perhaps their kid can come visit and teach them how to read. Win-win.

Or if their kids have champagne tastes and need designer sneakers or a gold-plated bong, mama needs to dip into the stash of drug money in the freezer, or turn an extra trick this weekend instead of turning to the red kettle.

Luckily, I have a solution. For all of you who planned on donating to the Salvation Army this holiday season, just buy me a gift instead. I haven't raped or killed anyone, and I don't have any bastards to raise up to follow in my bloody footprints.



  1. Your logic makes no sense. Why would you even encourage the little degenerates to read? They'd probably just use that skill to search the Internet for how to break into your car.

    Toys shouldn't even be in the discussion. Seems a much simplier solution is to just execute the offspring of any felon during sentencing. And maybe the welfare queen baby mama too.

  2. i got a gift for you, but i can't send it through the mail. too painful, and just not an option.

  3. Ah I love compassion during this Christmas time.

  4. Ahhhh, I love it when your holiday cheer leaks out.

  5. Ouch, tough stance... Not completely against you nor with you on that one. Kinda see your point and how it could be used to further the wicked, but also it can help those young mites from becoming vermin. Tough one.

  6. For the record, I do have compassion - I'll donate to Make-A-Wish, animal shelters and cancer research organizations. And it's not like I kick puppies or children running lemonade stands. ;)

    This just isn't a particular holiday programs that I support. I'd rather deliver a holiday dinner to someone lonely in a nursing home than buy Joe Thug's five ducklings their Christmas presents.

  7. Why not gather these kids (who are all worthless according to this) and sell them on the black market as slaves to people far worse than most incarcerated people and whittle away at the nations debt. I hear young virgins fetch top dollar in some areas of the world.

  8. Please, I didn't state that they are worthless (yet).

    It's a bit of a stretch between NOT footing their commercialized Christmas and selling them into child prostitution.

  9. Not really. If you are to assume that a child breed by a convict or someone who later found his or her way to the prison system, is just as worthless as the donor then why not further humiliate them by forcing them into their own prisons in the black market. "Half of these baby mamas probably don't know for sure which daddy goes with which bastard" thus, my suggestion applies to these half. The other half we can store and use as test subjects on new ways to fight terrorism.

  10. blasted laptop! Anyway, whose to say that this small donation doesn't alter the mind of a potential hoodlum? Maybe that Polly Pocket was just the thing Lucy needed to understand there was more to her life than the worthless skinbag rotting in prison laying claim to her as the father.

  11. Scott - points taken, and you are right that I'm generalizing. It makes it more concise than writing every post with a 'in some cases' clause.

    And I have no doubt that you are correct that there are plenty of children of criminals who are great children. BUT...can't the other parent or extended family handle the holiday arrangements?

    Part of my issue is the commercialization of Christmas as a whole and I feel that this is a prime example. There are many, many families skipping holiday gifts because they are trying to make ends meet. Pay bills, get back on their feet, etc.

    Now, I wouldn't take offense at a program where people volunteer time to work with children who have a parent incarcerated. Sort of a big brother/big sister program, where there is time and effort involved in providing a mentor or role model to a child who might be missing that in their life.

    I just don't think a stack of Christmas gifts is a solution, and I (personally) would prefer to donate my money or time to alternate programs. But if you choose to donate to the Salvation Army, then that's fantastic.

    At any rate, I appreciate your feedback and debate. :)

  12. The way you think. I like it.

  13. Yikes! I feel a little differently. A lot of these kids have gotten love from nobody. They think the world hates them, so why not hate back? Maybe showing them a little compassion will make a difference? Don't really know, but I'm willing to gamble.

    Still luv ya, tho!

  14. LOL!!! Well, I can't say that I totally agree but I have to give you kudos on having the stones to post what has turned out to be a pretty unpopular opinion. However, posts like these are the reason I like your blog so much. :)

  15. Haha! You're such a bitch! I say that in a good way. No one has the freaking guts anymore, to say the things that need to be said!
    My youngest brother is the son of a criminal. Guess what my brother started doing when he was 10? ROBBING people! He broke into homes, stole guns and electronics and sold them for drugs. He has been in and out of Juvie and jail and prison for the last 17 years. Guess where he is now? Living under a tree... Guess where he'll be in a few months? Jail.
    Too many people made excuses for his sorry ass. And he knew that he was loved. There are four of us siblings, that are all older. We ALL tried to show him a different way... He refused to do the work. It's easier to be a loser... so we don't talk anymore.
    I don't send him Christmas gifts. He gets food stamps and free medical from the state.
    Guess what my grandma gets? 10$ in food stamps, and nearly no medical coverage from Medicare. SHE was in the military. She has always paid her taxes. The woman has never broken the speed limit for gods sake, and my brother gets better care, than she does. Pisses me off, beyond belief!
    Anyway, to all the bleeding hearts - take it from one of the bastards that turned out ok... the rest of the fuckers will rob you when you aren't looking!

  16. Hahaha...you know what, you're right. I love that you have the brass to make a whole post about what other folk won't even admit to themselves every time they see some little delinquent take a test run at a rap sheet...you're right, fuck 'em!

  17. My husband and I have not celebrated Christmas for over 30 years. Also as we chose to leave the consumer driven society in urban centers behind we aren't exposed to all the commercial hype. We faithfully give to local charities that provide food, shelter and clothing to those who need it. As we are members we are aware of exactly where our funds go and none are spent on toys, gits or a big whoop -tee - dooo Xmas feast. Our programs are aimed at helping people survive.

  18. http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/114174/scrooge_mom_returns_kids_presents This is exactly why I agree with you. Well, there are more reasons, but this one pisses me off. and Miss Rebecca is spot on with her remarks.

    Since I AM heartless, I also think this about the angel trees and toys for military families who's Soldier has been deployed. The families that actually need the help and toys are hardly ever the ones to get either--usually because they either don't know about them as they are not trying to bleed the system dry or they have too much pride to apply. However, if a family has no money for a toy once in a while (but can get their hair did), they either need to rethink their spending and maybe save up some or MOVE. There are many places where it is possible to live well with only 19000/yr gross and support six or seven people. My oh my could I just go on and on about this shit.

  19. Yeah, gotta agree with you. I can think of a lot better uses of a dollar than giving it to the family of an inmate. I'd much rather give money to donate to a family where one of the parents has passed away and they simply can't afford much in terms of presents. I have little (to no) sympathy for those in prison. You're there for a reason.

  20. I feel differently here is why. When I pressed charges against my now ex husband for domestic violence and my baby and I became homeless and on the run from him and his friends we moved into a battered womens shelter.

    I had a hell of a time getting back on my feet. I worked my butt off to find a job and make ends meet and keep myself and my child safe and get us out of that shelter. I also was working to rebuild my self esteem and make a good life for myself and my child. This program took away a lot of my stress, gave her a wonderful Christmas and helped me to see that I really could do it as a single parent even though it was going to take some hard work and mean accepting a little help at first. This program also showed me there were some wonderful people out there who did give help to others and I wanted to get into a position where I could be one of them. I got off welfare and government help by the time she was 3 years old have given help to other families every year since. It was extremely appreciated and helped me to get us in a much better place.

  21. Kimber - to you I sincerely apologize. I know my post was generalized and any time one generalizes some WILL be offended. For you, in describing your situation, you did the absolute best that you could. And I'm glad there was support for you and your little peanut.

    I've donated to women's shelters in the past. To me, it's a different scenario. We've all made poor, accidental, unwise choices in our lives and God help us if others AREN'T there to help us out when we need it.

    My gut response to the Salvation Army program though was to picture thug-ass murderers who don't give two damns about their kids anyhow, and the tax payers are funding an extravagant Christmas for the kid he may not even be involved with. Generalization? Definitely. True too often? Absolutely.

    But I'm NOT heartless and I'm glad that you had help to get into a better place and away from someone abusive. I tried to look up contact info on your blog to email you directly but I couldn't find it. If you see this, please accept my apology TO YOU. And also, if you email me through my blog, I'd be happy to send a little something to your daughter. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  22. Tricia I have a similar response about CRIMINALS just not about things that help women and children. :) You should hear me rant about the Death Penalty - I am 200% for it. I think they don't use it often enough. I just wanted to offer a reason why the programs are good too - it really did help me, welfare did too. On the other hand - there are a LOT of people out there who abuse the programs and don't do anything to better themselves or their situations. I used the programs when I needed them then got off them and helped others as soon as I could. A lot of people are not like that. I know it is cynical but I have seen a lot of people who feel a sense of entitlement who want to just live off the programs and get something for nothing even though if they bettered themselves they could have so much more.

    I am proud of what I have done for myself and my child and where I have gotten us and even more proud I have gotten to where I am. :) I know some people abuse it but I like to think that if there is even one more person out there who is like me that I can reach and help by helping than it is worth it to me to keep trying. :)

    That is the optimist in me. :)

    Thank you for your sensitivity and I don't think you are a bitch. I love your humor. I get similar responses when I post about the death penalty but the people responding have never been quite in my shoes. I dont think you are heartless either.

    In my old town I watched some parents use foodstamps to buy groceries then trade those groceries for drugs while their kids went hungry. I don't think these people should have kids. I think the kids should go to the state and then the programs give the presents to them there. Either way it is a sad situation. Having seen such a darker side of it - it rips my heart out and that is part of why I am studying to be a psychologist. I want to help these children. :)

  23. this is kind of stalkerish, but i was looking at your blog on alexa and saw that one of your top search terms was "fucking children." and now i see why. probably not exactly what your searchers were looking for...


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